Planning Resources

Here are a list of resources that can help organize the many details leading up to and following any funeral service. Should you have any questions, please contact Ken for a consultation.

Funeral Questions to Assist You

These are some questions a person may be faced with when dealing with the death of a loved one. Burial or cremation________________________________ Cemetery Location________________________________ Plot Location___________________________________ Clergy_______________________________________ Church – Hall – Graveside___________________________ Visitation:_____ Private________ Public_________ Casket open________Casket closed_________ Jewelry____________________________ Stays on loved one________ Comes off________ Music________________________________________ Organist_____________ Soloist______________ Hymns_________________________________ Play favorite music piece___________________ Leave personal … Continue reading “Funeral Questions to Assist You”

Obituary Guidelines

When writing a obituary there are usually 6 – 7 paragraphs. This obituary guideline may help you get started. Name of Deceased (Maiden Name) Date of Birth – Date of Death 1)      Place of Death: *Peacefully, *After a lengthy illness, *Suddenly, *After a brief illness, *Courageous battle with… *Accidentally, *Deep sadness, Profound sadness 2)       Survivors: … Continue reading “Obituary Guidelines”

Questions Vital Statistics will Require

We require this information to register the death with vital statistics Name________________________________________ Address_______________________________________ Social insurance number_____________________________ Place of death___________________________________ Date of death___________________________________ Birthdate_____________________________________ Birthplace_____________________________________ Marital status___________________________________ Deceased fathers name________________________________________ Deceased fathers birthplace___________________________ Deceased mothers name (Maiden name) ___________________ Deceased mothers birthplace__________________________ Occupation_____________________________________ Kind of Business__________________________________ Name of spouse__________________________________ Spouse maiden name_______________________________ Spouse birthdate_________________________________ Spouse birthplace_________________________________

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