Kenneth Thomas Maksymyk

Kenneth Thomas Maksymyk

Passed on July 22, 2023

February 12, 1962 – July 22, 2023    It is with sadness that we announce the passing of brother and friend Ken “Kenny” Maksymyk of Teulon, Manitoba.

Kenny was born in Teulon and attended Teulon Collegiate. He was an active and fun-loving child, even mischievous. He almost lost his life as a young child falling into a cattle watering trough and was rescued by his older brother Michael at the last minute. He was never short of antics but his one story was the talk of many family gatherings. As his parents were painting some outbuildings, Kenny decided to help by quietly painting himself, the family dog, a number of geese and a large number of white rabbits in a vibrant green paint, making the family animals the talk of the community!

He loved to sing as a young boy and was always happy to sing for people, provided they were able to come up with some money for his piggy bank.

Growing up, Kenny always loved the farm. He had an amazing ability to fix or operate any piece of machinery and was happy to be sitting on a tractor for hours during haying season or harvest. His ability to operate equipment led him to various careers from driving gravel trucks to operating heavy equipment. Even though he worked on large equipment he said his most fun was to use a small bobcat to do local landscaping work in the area. He could make that machine dance.

Kenny was a strong advocate of fairness to workers and became a member of his local union and enjoyed holding various union positions. Union discussions with him would always prove lively.

In later years, he struggled with various health and an addiction challenge. But he always kept a good sense of humor in spite of his struggles, and made many friends who cared for him.

We have honoured Kenny’s wishes for cremation and private interment next to his parents. We would like to thank his friends for the care they have shown him.

Special thanks to his friends, Wray, Junior and Jamie, many neighbours and friends and to Ken Loehmer of Ken Loehmer Funeral Services for his invaluable assistance.


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